Concept of Wave Star

Wave Star have 20 floats, 10 on each side. The floats moves up and down in the waves and create a hydraulic pressure that leads to a hydraulic motor which drives an generator that produces electricity to the grid.

Video shows Wave Star 1:2 scale in action.

Hydraulic system

The next video shows the process whereby the motion of the waves generates a force that can be converted to electricity by a hydraulic motor.

Testing of the hydraulic system being done at Aalborg University can be seen in the video.

After further development a new high effective hydraulic testing system can be seen in the video.

Storm Protection

The machine’s unique storm protection system, one of the many patented aspects of the design, guarantees the machine’s sea survivability and represents a real milestone in the development of wave energy machines. Wave Star can be seen going from storm mode to operating mode in the video below.

Shape of floats

To maximize the amount of power harvested from the waves, different types of floats have been tested at Aalborg University on the 1:40 scale machine.

To further analyze floats all of the data have been analyzed through numerical modelling.

Full automatic

The Wave Star 1:2 scale is running in automatic unmanned operation and the control system automatically extracts the floats from the water lifting them to the upper latched position when needed.

When the significant wave height exceeds a certain limit the machine automatically enters storm protection mode. Storm protection involves unballasting the floats and retracting the hydraulic cylinders which thereby pulls the floats out of the water.

All moving parts are above water and are well protected from the sea environ-ment.

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