Wave Star 6 MW

Proven in real waves

With more than €40 Million in development and construction, Wave Star is among the most advanced wave energy developers by designing and operating a wave energy device with more than 3½ years of documented energy production at sea.

Scale 1/40

Build and tested at Aalborg University. The project can be seen tested in real waves.

Scale 1/10

Build and tested in Nissum Bredning. Functional for more than 15.000 hours and survived winters and storms.

Scale 1/2

Tested and and operated at DanWec testcenter. The test-machine was full automatic and supplied the power grid.

Wave Star Hybrid 18 MW
Windmill 15 MW
Total 33 MW

How it works

The Wave Star harvest energy by following the motion of the waves. Waves run the length of the machine, lifting 20 floats in turn. Powering the motor and generator in this way enables continuous energy production and a smooth output. This is a radical new standard and a unique concept in wave energy; it’s one of the few ways to convert fluctuating wave power into the high-speed rotation necessary to generate electricity.


With a potential wave energy resource in Europe of 320 GW, Wave Star will on the short-term focus on the offshore wind farms due to market maturity and offshore wind and wave combination capacity. Utilities and TSOs will benefit of a competitive energy cost, more stability in the production of renewable energy, increase energy output per km2 and a pooling of costs in terms of connection, distribution and maintenance.

To accelerate the technological development and install the 6 MW commercial device in the future, Wave Star is open to share our knowledge, advices, help and construction data.