Unlimited Clean Energy with The Wavestar machine

Rising to the Challenge

Our monthly report about power performance


The concept was invented by sailing enthusiasts Niels and Keld Hansen in 2000. The challenge was to create a regular output of energy from ocean swells and waves that are 5-10 seconds apart. This was achieved with a row of half-submerged buoys, which rise and fall in turn as the wave passes, forming the iconic part of Wavestar’s design. This allows energy to be continually produced despite waves being periodic.

The machine’s unique storm protection system, one of the many patented aspects of the design, guarantees the machine’s sea survivability and represents a real milestone in the development of wave energy machines. Wave energy will play a crucial role in securing our energy future, but only machines that can withstand the strongest storms will survive.

Climate and environmental issues demand swift diversification to multiple renewable sources in order for us to fulfill our future energy needs. Wavestar will work in harmony with other clean energy methods to support the alternative energy movement and ensure a continuous supply of clean energy. Imagine what we can do together.


Wavestar moves to the next level

Within the next days the big Wavestar plant will be towed closer to the coast to be updated with new equipment that will make wave energy more competitive in the future. This big operation is done in order to expand the facility by a further two floats and to implement a new digital hydraulic system developed in collaboration with Aalborg University which will increase the efficiency considerably. And finally, the plant will later be moved to a new location with larger and more regular waves.

DONG Energy and Wavestar enter into collaboration on wave power

DONG Energy A/S and Wave Star A/S has entered into a research and development collaboration that is to explore the prospects of combining wind energy and wave power. Wavestar have developed a 0.6 MW wave machine that will form the basis for the two companies’ investigation of the prospects of combining these two energy sources.

Climate Minister Martin Lidegaard visit Wavestar

March 19, the Minister will learn more about wave energy. He will visit Wavestar and Aalborg University, which is our collaboration partner and a leader in research on wave energy.